Form NameDepartmentDownload
Application for Temporary Street ClosingBusiness AdministrationDownload
City Employment ApplicationBusiness AdministrationDownload
Notice of Claim FormBusiness AdministrationDownload
Residential Rehab Program ApplicationCommunity DevelopmentDownload
HOAP Application - EnglishCommunity DevelopmentDownload
HOAP Application - SpanishCommunity DevelopmentDownload
Birth Certificate, Death Certificate, Marriage Certificate - EnglishHealth DepartmentDownload
Birth Certificate, Death Certificate, Marriage Certificate - SpanishHealth DepartmentDownload
Event Coordinator's FormHealth DepartmentDownload
Instructions For Mobile Retail Food Establishments ApplicationHealth DepartmentDownload
Marriage License - EnglishHealth DepartmentDownload
Marriage License - SpanishHealth DepartmentDownload
Mobile Retail Food ApplicationHealth DepartmentDownload
Mobile Retail Food Application AmendmentHealth DepartmentDownload
Pool License ApplicationHealth DepartmentDownload
Retail License ApplicationHealth DepartmentDownload
Septic Pit Profile RequestHealth DepartmentDownload
Septic System ApplicationHealth DepartmentDownload
Septic System Repair ApplicationHealth DepartmentDownload
Vital Records Application - EnglishHealth DepartmentDownload
Vital Records Application - SpanishHealth DepartmentDownload
2020 Zoning Board ApplicationLicenses and InspectionsDownload
Amended Registration FormLicenses and InspectionsDownload
Amusement ApplicationLicenses and InspectionsDownload
Attention Dog and Cat OwnersLicenses and InspectionsDownload
Auctioneer ApplicationLicenses and InspectionsDownload
Charitable Clothing Bin ApplicationLicenses and InspectionsDownload
CO ApplicationLicenses and InspectionsDownload
De-Registration Form for Vacant PropertiesLicenses and InspectionsDownload
Foreclosure Registration FormLicenses and InspectionsDownload
Foreclosure/Vacant WorksheetLicenses and InspectionsDownload
Hold Harmless AgreementLicenses and InspectionsDownload
Housing Inspection ChecklistLicenses and InspectionsDownload
Insurance CertificationLicenses and InspectionsDownload
Junkyard ApplicationLicenses and InspectionsDownload
Kennel ApplicationLicenses and InspectionsDownload
Letter Of ComplianceLicenses and InspectionsDownload
Letter Of Good ConductLicenses and InspectionsDownload
Mobile Home Park License Quarterly ReportLicenses and InspectionsDownload
Mobile Home Park Yearly ApplicationLicenses and InspectionsDownload
Permit Application For Business and Commercial UsesLicenses and InspectionsDownload
Permit Application For Freestanding SignsLicenses and InspectionsDownload
Permit Application For Residential and Agricultural UsesLicenses and InspectionsDownload
Permit Application For Temporary SignsLicenses and InspectionsDownload
Permit Application For Wall SignsLicenses and InspectionsDownload
Pet License ApplicationLicenses and InspectionsDownload
Plot Plan FormLicenses and InspectionsDownload
Prior ApprovalsLicenses and InspectionsDownload
Property Owner Consent Form for Charitable Clothing BinsLicenses and InspectionsDownload
Registration for Vacant, Abandoned or Nuisance PropertiesLicenses and InspectionsDownload
Rental Registration AffidavitLicenses and InspectionsDownload
Rental Registration FormLicenses and InspectionsDownload
Request for Site Plan Approval ExtensionLicenses and InspectionsDownload
Tenant InformationLicenses and InspectionsDownload
Towing ApplicationLicenses and InspectionsDownload
Wetlands Prior Approval FormLicenses and InspectionsDownload
Amending Bingo or Raffle ApplicationMunicipal ClerkDownload
Bingo ApplicationMunicipal ClerkDownload
OPRA RequestMunicipal ClerkDownload
Raffle ApplicationMunicipal ClerkDownload
Authorization to Apply - Refund BailMunicipal CourtDownload
Appeal a Municipal Court DecisionMunicipal CourtDownload
Certification in Support of Probable CauseMunicipal CourtDownload
Complaint Information FormMunicipal CourtDownload
Domestic Violence Confidential Complaint FormMunicipal CourtDownload
How to Expunge your Criminal Juvenile RecordMunicipal CourtDownload
Plea FormMunicipal CourtDownload
Public Defender FormMunicipal CourtDownload
Records Request FormMunicipal CourtDownload
Your Day In Municipal CourtMunicipal CourtDownload
Your Day In Municipal Court - SpanishMunicipal CourtDownload
Deployed Military Discount FormMunicipal UtilitiesDownload
Pre-Authorized Payment Plan FormMunicipal UtilitiesDownload
Medical Alert Application FormMunicipal UtilitiesDownload
Penalty Exemption FormMunicipal UtilitiesDownload
Affidavit of ServicePlanningDownload
Development ApplicationPlanningDownload
Disclosure Statement Pursuant to L. 1977, C-336PlanningDownload
Fee Schedule 2020PlanningDownload
Letter Of Credit (Maintenance)PlanningDownload
Letter Of Credit (Performance)PlanningDownload
Maintenance Surety BondPlanningDownload
Performance Surety BondPlanningDownload
Citizen Complaint FormPolice DepartmentDownload
Extra Duty FormPolice DepartmentDownload
Power of Attorney FormPolice DepartmentDownload
Adopt A Spot ApplicationRecycling And Solid Waste ManagementDownload
Adopt Program Cleanup Activity ReportRecycling And Solid Waste ManagementDownload
Request for Change of Mailing AddressTax AssessorDownload
Request for Removal of Property Tax ReductionTax AssessorDownload
Tax Collector Payment PlanTax CollectorDownload

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