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 Veteran's Tax Deduction

The State of New Jersey approved a Veteran Deduction on the NJ 1040 for 2017.  The Deduction is against Earned Income.


The below web site will provide instruction and PDF Forms for Veterans to complete to get this Deduction.   Also be advised that they need to provide copy of DD-214 or forms allowed (See Web Site) proving an honorable discharge. Once this form is completed and submitted to State of New Jersey Division of Taxation, they will confirm eligibility.  They will not have to complete this process or provide documentation each year.




The site provides a mailing address for these documents. (The completed documents can also be faxed or uploaded at the State Site)  They should also discuss this with their Tax Preparer.


Deployed Military Member Utility Services Discount

The City of Vineland recognizes the sacrifices of the men and women in our military and find it necessary to provide a benefit to assist those serving our Country during their deployment to relieve some of their burdens of protecting our country and providing for the needs of their families in their absence. Please click on the tile above to access the application form.  The form is editable if you are using a browser other than Microsoft Edge.

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Message from the Office of the Tax Collector:

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Attention Vineland Residents……..

Vineland Parks and City Buildings are in the process of having Anti-Idling signs posted.  This will help eliminate Air Pollution and stop greenhouse gases.

Let's keep our air clean now and for the future.












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