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Industrial Commission

The Vineland Industrial Commission consists of seven (7) members who are appointed by City Council.

The Industrial Commission can inquire into, survey, and publicize the extent, advantages, and utility of the vacant lands within the City of Vineland, whether municipally owned or otherwise. The Commission may classify such vacant lands according to their adaptability for the settlement thereon of various types of industrial enterprises.

The Commission may study and analyze various domestic and international industries to target opportunities for industrial expansion in the City of Vineland.

The Commission may publicize the industrial advantages, opportunities, and availability of real estate for industrial settlement and solicit companies to purchase or lease vacant lands and property within the City of Vineland.

The Commission may acquire title to vacant land owned by the City of Vineland for the purpose of resale or lease to industries whose presence within the city will benefit, in the judgment of the Commission, Vineland residents.

The Industrial Commission meets quarterly on the third Tuesday of the month in the City of Vineland fourth floor Conference Room, 640 E. Wood Street, Vineland, NJ 08360.  The meeting begins at 12:00 pm.


Term: Five (5) years.
Membership: Seven (7) members, no more than four (4) members from the same political party or representative categories.

Dan Kuhar
Undeclared – Industry/Commerce
June 13, 2021
Frederick N. Angelo Republican – Banking June 13, 2022
Carmen Minguela Democrat – Real Estate June 12, 2022
Larry Berman
Independent – Industry/Commerce
June 13, 2024
Edgar G. Galloway
Republican – Service Club
June 13, 2024
Charles W. Gabage
Independent – Attorney
June 13, 2024
Christy J. DiLeonardo
Republican – Labor
June 13, 2025


Formal Action may be taken at any and all of the scheduled Industrial Commission meetings. Please send your questions or comments to:

Chairman, Industrial Commission
City of Vineland
640 E. Wood Street, PO Box 1508
Vineland NJ, 08362-1508.


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