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The Recreation Division works to enhance and cultivate recreational activities within the City of Vineland.  The Division is committed to providing the highest quality recreational facilities for public use and enjoyment under rules, regulations, and bylaws adopted by the Vineland Recreation Commission, and policies set by the administration.  The city currently maintains 18 parks and recreational areas totaling approximately 405 acres.  The Division performs all appropriate functions with respect to recreation and parks maintenance including, but not limited to:

  • Preparation and maintenance of athletic fields and public park areas.
  • Supervision of youth and adult athletic leagues.
  • Managing staff and volunteers involved in operating recreational activities.
  • Scheduling of public parks for private events.
  • Operating programs with sufficient safeguards to maintain public health and safety.

The Division also works with other municipal departments and non-profit organizations in the furtherance of recreational and cultural activities in the city.

If you are interested in reserving a city park for an event, please call the Recreation Office at 856-794-4084.  Please remember, when visiting park facilities it is the user’s responsibility to maintain proper conduct and to keep the park and field areas free from trash and debris for the future enjoyment of others. The Recreation Division reserves the right to bar access for any neglect or abuse.


Following is contact information for the various recognized recreational leagues in the City of Vineland:

East Vineland Little League
Gary Apel, President
P.O. Box 250
Vineland, NJ 08361


North Vineland Little League
Wilson Palanco
P.O. Box 1221
Vineland, NJ 08362


North Vineland Challenger Little League 
Dr. Charles Cunningham Park
N. West Ave and Wheat Rd.

Joseph Delgado
(856) 692-9113

Linda Foster
(609) 561-0911


South Vineland Little League
Joe Ramos, President
P.O. Box 653
Vineland, NJ 08362


Vineland Pigtail League 
Jess Suppa
P.O. Box 478
Vineland, NJ 08362


Vineland Men’s Classic Slo-Pitch Softball League
Mark Goldstein, President


Landis Park Softball Field


Vineland Basketball Association
Chick Peale, President
P.O. Box 502
Vineland, NJ 08362

Vineland “Blitz” Youth Football
Nick Basile, President
1711 Maple Avenue
Vineland, NJ 08361

Ages 5-14 Weighted League
8-9 Year Old – 115 lbs. max
10-11 Years Old – 140 lbs.
12-14 Years Old – 175 lbs.


Vineland Midget Football League
Derrick Williams, President
1 Normandie Lane

PO Box 901

Vineland, NJ 08362
(609) 774-1597


Vineland Police Athletic League
20 South 6th Street
Vineland, NJ 08360
(856) 563-538


Vineland Soccer Association

Mike DeVito, President
Ross Ennis, Vice President
350 North Spring Road
Vineland, NJ 08361


Vineland Wrestling Association
Timothy DeLouise, Head Coach
121 South Seventh Street
Vineland NJ 08360


Vineland Women’s Softball
Kate Cronk, President


The City of Vineland offers many recreational facilities with numerous and varied amenities for the entire family to enjoy. Below is a list of all our parks, their locations, and recreational amenities.

Burnt Mill Pond
Delsea Drive and Arbor Avenue

  • Total recreational area 20.95 acres
  • 20 acre fishing pond with boat ramp.


Carl V. Arthur Recreation Building
Samuel L. Clark Park – Pool
304 W. Plum Street

  • Total recreational area 1.42 acres.
  • One outdoor basketball court and one outdoor handball court
  • Tot-lot.
  • 25′ x 50′ in-ground swimming pool which has a constant depth of 3 feet.
  • Charcoal grilling area.
  • Indoor recreational gym.
  • Headquarters for the Boys and Girls Club.


Cunningham Park
1676 N. West Avenue

  • Total recreational area 14.86 acres.
  • Four lighted Little League baseball fields.
  • One lighted Challenger baseball field.
  • Clubhouse/refreshment stand, restrooms, and storage complex.
  • A.D.A Tot-lot
  • Tot-lot

Fiocchi Park
1755 Galli Drive

  • Total recreational area 17.69 acres.
  • Four lighted Little League baseball fields.
  • One lighted Senior League baseball field.
  • Clubhouse/refreshment stand, restrooms, and storage complex.
  • Picnic pavilion.
  • D.A. Tot-lot.
  • Two girls Pigtail League softball fields.
  • Indoor batting cages.


Frank A. Tejeras Park
Mercury Way and Neptune Drive

  • Total recreational area 2.36 acres.
  • Playground and Tot-lot area.
  • Wooded picnic area.
  • Charcoal grilling area.


Giampietro Memorial Park
3231 E. Landis Avenue

  • Total recreational area 52 acres.
  • 10 acre lake with boat ramp and 6 acre conservation area.
  • Fitness course.
  • Playground area.
  • Two picnic pavilions, and wooded picnic area.
  • Charcoal grilling area.
  • Disc golf course.
  • Concert band shell area.

Gittone Park
2035 E. Oak Road

  • Total recreational area 13 acres.
  • One Softball field, one cricket field, two lighted basketball courts, and lighted horseshoe pits.
  • Lighted tennis courts.
  • Tot-lot.
  • Wooded picnic area.
  • Charcoal grilling area.
  • Playground area.
  • Restroom facility.


Gonzalez Park
6th Street and Almond Street

  • Total recreational area 1.5 acres.
  • Three lighted handball courts.
  • Two lighted basketball courts.
  • Tot-lot.
  • Practice baseball field.


Howard Pagliughi Park
2245 E. Magnolia Road

  • Total recreational area 15.5 acres.
  • Lighted tennis and basketball courts.
  • Two softball fields, one Little League baseball field, one T-Ball field.
  • Sand volleyball court.
  • Tot-lot.
  • Wooded picnic area.
  • Charcoal grilling area.
  • Restroom facility.

Joseph E. Romano Sports Complex
1911 Maple Avenue

  • Total recreational area 52 acres.
  • Lighted soccer fields.
  • Lighted Senior Little League baseball field.
  • Lighted football field.
  • Walking path.
  • One-quarter mile lighted running track.
  • Tot-lot.
  • Restroom facility.


Landis Park
500 E. Park Avenue

  • Total recreational area 30 acres.
  • One lighted Little League baseball field.
  • One lighted Senior League baseball field.
  • One men’s lighted softball field.
  • Lighted batting cages.
  • Lighted basketball courts.
  • Walking path.
  • Disc golf course. Click here for course map or scorecard.
  • Historically registered Veterans Memorial Park.
  • Lighted entertainment pavilion.
  • Two wooded picnic areas.
  • Clubhouse/concession stand, restroom, and storage area.


Mill and Walnut Road Recreational Area
1271 S. Mill Road

  • Total recreational area 9 acres.
  • Two Little League baseball fields.
  • Tot-lot.
  • Handball and basketball courts.
  • Roller blade rink.


Normandie Lane
237 W. Chestnut Ave.

  • Total recreational area 11 acres.
  • Lighted midget football field and football practice areas.
  • Two football practice field areas.
  • One lighted Senior League baseball field.
  • Lighted tennis courts and basketball courts.
  • Clubhouse/concession stand, restroom, and storage area


Roberto Clemente Park
785 S. 7th Street

  • Total recreational area 4.06 acres.
  • One lighted men’s softball field.
  • Lighted tennis courts, basketball courts, and handball courts.
  • Tot-lot.
  • Charcoal grilling area.


South Vineland Park
429 W. Elmer Road

  • Total recreational area 79 acres.
  • 20 acre fishing lake with boat ramp and fishing dock.
  • Nature trail.
  • Volleyball court.
  • Disc golf course.
  • Sand volleyball court.
  • Picnic pavilion.
  • Charcoal grilling area.
  • Restroom facility.


West Earl Drive – Mini-Park
762 West Earl Drive

  • Total recreational area .25 acres.
  • Playground area.


West Side Park
2680 W. Almond Road

  • Total recreational area 8.26 acres.
  • No swimming.
  • Canoe ramp and canoe dock.
  • Picnic pavilion.
  • Sand volleyball court.
  • Tot-lot.
  • Charcoal grilling area.


Willow Oak Natural Area
4106 E. Landis Avenue

  • Total recreational area 71.43 acres.
  • Nature trails.
  • 20 acre bird observatory field.
  • Parking on E. Landis Avenue or Maple Avenue.
  • Signs at parking areas show the layout of trails, and various species of plants and trees are labeled throughout the course of the trails.

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