Public Building Maintenance

The Public Building Maintenance Division is responsible for maintaining over 200 city-owned buildings and other properties.  The Division works to achieve the most efficient use of tax dollars while also providing city staff, residents, and visitors with safe and healthy environments in which to perform all municipal functions or to spend some leisure time.

Working with outside contractors as needed, the Division ensures the safe and efficient operation of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, and electrical systems in public buildings.  Division crews also perform routine maintenance, provide janitorial services, maintain grounds and monuments in good order, coordinate the staging and sound system for many public activities, and assist with erecting and dismantling seasonal decorations.

The portfolio of properties throughout the city is diverse.  A cross-section includes everything from city hall and other municipal and public safety buildings, to elevated water towers and wells, to monuments at the Landis Avenue mini-parks.  If you see municipal building or grounds requiring maintenance, please call the Division office at (856) 794-4000, ext. 4012, or ext. 4348.

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