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Employment FAQ

The following are Frequently Asked Questions regarding employment opportunities in the City of Vineland.

What are your hours of operation?

The Department of Personnel’s general office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, excluding legal holidays.

How can I find out about City of Vineland employment opportunities?

  1. Job openings are posted outside the Personnel Office located at 640 E. Wood Street, 5th Floor, Vineland, NJ.
  2. City of Vineland’s Cable Channel 9 (Comcast) and 41 (Verizon Fios),
  3. On the City of Vineland’s Department of Personnel and Job Postings web pages.
  4. On an as needed basis, advertisements may be placed in newspapers to attract applicants with the required skills, training, and experience.

When can I submit an employment application?

Applications are accepted in the Personnel Office when positions are available. Resumes are also accepted in lieu of application forms, though they may be submitted as a supplement to the application form.

Do I have to be a City of Vineland resident to apply for employment?

Preference in hiring shall be given to prospective officers and employees who are bona fide residents of the City of Vineland. When hiring is based upon merit as determined by suitable hiring tests or other objective criteria, a resident shall be given preference over a nonresident when, in the discretion of the appointing authority or designee, all other measurable criteria are equal.

Will the privacy of my employment application be maintained?

Yes. It is the city’s priority to maintain the confidentiality of all personal information submitted by individual applicants.

Are drug tests and background checks required prior to employment?

Yes, drug tests are required for all new hires. All prospective employees are required to undergo a physical and urinalysis. Also, a background and motor vehicle check is required, as well as finger prints.

How long will my name stay on an eligible list from the State of New Jersey Department of Personnel for a classified position within the City of Vineland?

Your name will remain on the eligible list  with the State of New Jersey Department of Personnel for three years.

How frequently are city employees paid?

City Employees are paid on a weekly basis.

What opportunities do you have in law enforcement, and what are the requirements?

The City of Vineland offers the following options in the field of law enforcement:

  1. To become a Police Officer with the City of Vineland, the applicant must take a Law Enforcement exam administered by the New Jersey Department of Personnel.
  2. Part-time Special Law Enforcement Officers may apply at any time.

When and how can I apply for a Firefighter position?

  1. To become a Firefighter with the City of Vineland, the applicant must take a Firefighter exam administered by the New Jersey Department of Personnel.
  2. To become a volunteer Firefighter you must contact the Department of Fire.

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