City of Vineland
1086 E Walnut Rd
P.O. Box 1508
Vineland, NJ 08362-1508
(856) 794-400​0​

​Streets and Roads Division​

To provide safe and clear roadways in our City this is accomplished by the following services:

1. Snow removal

a. Salting and plowing road during winter conditions
b. Keeping the City R.O.W. clear of ice and snow on     Landis Avenue
c. Keeping the City parking lots and Parks clear of snow

2. Street sweeping (View Street Sweeper Image)

a. Keeping the roadways free of dire and debris
b. Keeping the City parking lots and Parks free of dirt    and debris
c. Keeping the City R.O.W. free from dirt and debris on    Landis Ave

3. Storm sewer maintenance

a. Periodic cleaning of storm sewer drains throughout the     City
b. Maintaining the function and integrity of storm sewers     throughout the City of Vineland
c. Maintaining proper outflow of water throughout the     City of Vineland

4. Road maintenance

a. Pot hole maintenance on all City roadways
b. Small overlays to maintain City roadways
c. Maintenance of utility cut outs

5. City R.O.W. tree maintenance

a. Removal of all City trees which are dead
b. Trim City trees which have dead branches or are     encroaching on or causing damage to private property
c. Remove City trees which are clogging any sewer    laterals or interfering with any utilities

6. Leaf and branch removal for City residents

a. Curbside leaf removal season runs from November 1st     to January 31st
b. Curbside branch pick up runs from February 1st to     October 31st
c. Weekly pick up schedule for your area is listed on the     Recycling website

Streets and Roads Composting Facilities

​​ ​Union Road Composting Facility
Residents may bring leaves and grass to the 
Union Road Composting Facility
Monday - Friday 
8:00 am to 3:00 pm.
​Mill Road ​Composting Facility
​ Residents may bring leaves and brush to the 
Mill Road Composting Facility, 
Monday - Friday 
8:00 am - 3:30 pm 
Saturdays (Closed Holidays)
9:00 am - 1:00 pm. 

Free leaf compost and wood chips available to Vineland residents.