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​​​​​Engineering Division

The Engineering Office is a division of the Department of Public Works which provides technical guidance and engineering analysis for all departments. The division is responsible for a wide variety of engineering services, including construction management, construction inspection, surveying services, traffic engineering services, and Planning and Zoning Board Development Review.

Construction Management and Inspection​ | Surveying Services | Traffic Engineering Services​ | Planning and Zoning Board D​evelopment Review | Drawings and Maps | Problems with Road | Stormwater Information​

Interesting Engineering Facts about Vineland

As the largest City, by land area, in the State of New Jersey, the City has some interesting engineering facts that illustrate this size:

Drainage Facts 
Approximate No. of Drainage Structures  3000
Approximate No. of Outfalls75
Surveying Facts 
City Area   69 Sq. Miles
No. of Tax Parcels (approximate)22,000
No. of Monuments in Survey Control Network70
Traffic Facts 
Municipal Jurisdiction Roads259 miles
County Jurisdiction Roads78 miles
State Jurisdiction Roads43 miles
Total Roadways380 miles
No. of Intersections (private not included)1,250
Approximate No. of Line Striped Municipal Roads100 miles
Approximate No. of Traffic Signs20,000
Municipal Controlled Traffic Signals33
Construction Management and Inspection

The Engineering Office provides oversight and inspection services for municipal capital improvement projects. In addition, inspections for private development projects are conducted for conformance to the approved development plans. All construction activity within the city's right-of-way are required to have an opening permit approved and issued by the City Engineer and are inspected to ensure compliance with City standards. (Back to Top)

Surveying Services

The Engineering Office is responsible for performing all survey related activities for City owned properties including outbound surveys, topographic surveys, and as-built information. All capital improvement projects require existing conditions surveys for the design phase of the project as well as construction layout for the proper alignment during the construction phase.

Traffic Engineering​ Services

The Engineering Office is responsible for facilitating the safe and efficient flow of vehicular traffic throughout the City. This involves transportation planning, design, and operation with extensive coordination with County and State organizations. Construction of new traffic signals, modifications of existing traffic signals, signage, striping, pavement markings, and traffic control and detour plans are examples of traffic engineering services.

Planning and Zoning Board Development Review

The Engineering Office provides review of all engineering aspects of development applications. Any aspect of the application that could affect public facilities, such as streets or the municipally owned storm sewer system is reviewed to determine potential impacts and appropriate mitigation measures, which are then imposed as conditions of the development. The resulting improvements to be constructed by developers are designed by the developer's engineers, but are reviewed and approved by the City Engineer to ensure compliance with City standards. The Engineering Office coordinates with the developer, their engineer and contractor throughout the construction phase.

Engineering aspects related to the domestic water supply are handled by the Vineland Water Utility, sanitary sewer system by the Landis Sewerage Authority, and electrical supply and distribution by the Vineland Municipal Electric Utility.

Drawings and Maps

The Engineering Office maintains record drawings for all of the City's streets, traffic signal improvements, storm sewer system, capital improvements, park improvements, tax and parcel maps, as well as many official maps of the City of Vineland. You can access our online maps by click here or by clicking the "MAPS" link in the menu on the top left hand side of this page

Problems with Road

Before calling the City about a particular problem, check the list below to make sure the street is not under the state or county jurisdiction:

State-owned Roads:

  • Route 55
  • Route 56 (west of Route 55)
  • Delsea Drive (Route 47)
To report a pothole, malfunctioning traffic signal, damaged sign or other maintenance problem on a state highway, please contact the State Department of Transportation (NJDOT) at 1-800-Pothole or complete their online report form.

County-owned roads:

  • Almond Road (Route 540) - City Line to Delsea Drive
  • Boulevard (East) (Route 615) - Park Avenue to Weymouth Road
  • Boulevard (West) (Route 615) - Sherman Avenue to Chestnut Avenue
  • Boulevard (West) (Route 615) - Park Avenue to Newfield (County Line)
  • Brewster Road (Route 672) - Lincoln Avenue to Buena Borough, Atlantic County Line
  • College Drive (Route 628) - Delsea Drive to Sherman Avenue
  • Garden Road (Route 674) - Pittsgrove Township, Salem County Line to Franklin Township, Gloucester County Line
  • Hance Bridge Road (Route 673) - Vineland/Millville City Line to Panther Road
  • Landis Avenue (Route 540) - Main Road to Buena Vista Township, Atlantic County Line
  • Lincoln Avenue (Route 655) - Main Road to Buena Vista Township, Atlantic County Line
  • Main Road (Route 555) - Vineland/Millville City Line to Franklin Township, Gloucester County Line
  • Mays Landing Road (Route 552) - Vineland/Millville City Line to Maurice River Township Line
  • Oak Road (Route 681) - Maurice River Parkway to Buena Vista Township, Atlantic County Line
  • Orchard Road (Route 628) - Sherman Avenue to Wheat Road
  • Sherman Avenue (Route 552) - Deerfield Township Line to Mays Landing Road
  • Union Road (Route 671) - Maurice River Township Line to Buena Vista Township, Atlantic County Line
  • Weymouth Road (Route 690) - Deerfield Township, Salem County Line to Franklin Township, Gloucester County Line
  • Wheat Road (Route 619) - Westerly Terminus to Buena Borough, Atlantic County Line
To report a problem on a county-owned road, contact the Cumberland County Department of Public Works at 856-453-2192.

Stormwater Information

What is Stormwater Pollution?

Water from rain and melting snow that flows over lawns, parking lots and streets is known as stormwater runoff. This water, which travels along gutters, into catch basins and through storm drain pipes and ditches, usually is not treated, but then flows or is discharged into local waterbodies. Along the way, the stormwater picks up trash (fast-food wrappers, cigarette butts, styrofoam cups, etc.) and toxins and other pollutants (gas, motor oil, antifreeze, fertilizers, pesticides and pet droppings). This polluted stormwater can kill fish and other wildlife, destroy wildlife habitat, contaminate drinking water sources and force the closing of beaches because of health threats to swimmers.

Human activity is largely responsible for the stormwater pollution. Everything that we put on the ground or into the storm drain can end up in our water. Each of us has a responsibility to make sure these contaminants stay out of our water. Whether we have clean water is up to you.

How does the City of Vineland address stormwater pollution?

The City of Vineland addresses stormwater pollution through the passage of ordinances, maintenance of municipal stormwater structures and facilities, and thorough review of development applications.

For more information, visit www.cleanwaternj.org