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Municipal Clerk

The Municipal Clerk holds one of the most important and exacting positions in municipal government.  The position of Municipal Clerk is so important, in fact, that in New Jersey

     1.  The position is a statutory one,
     2.  Municipal Clerks may attain tenure in office, and
     3.  Municipal Clerks must achieve certification through education and testing.

On May 31, 1985, Governor Thomas H. Kean signed the bill establishing the designation of Registered Municipal Clerk.  Recertification is contingent upon completion of 20 continuing education units over each two-year recertification period.

So diverse is the role of the Municipal Clerk, encompassing a myriad of state statutes and serving all levels of government, that legislation was enacted in 1991 specifically designed to define the “Core” duties of this statutory office. 


  • Secretary of the Municipal Corporation
  • Secretary to the Governing Body 
  • Chief Administrative Officer of all elections held in the municipality 
  • Chief Registrar of voters in the municipality 
  • Administrative Officer 
  • Records coordinator and manger responsible for implementing local archives and records retention programs as mandated. 
  • Other duties that may be imposed by state statutes and regulations or municipal ordinances or regulations. 

   The Municipal Clerk’s Office is the place for residents to:  

  • Get copies of ordinances and resolutions;
  • Register to vote or change party affiliation;
  • Apply for games of chance licenses:
  • a. Raffle (Raffle Application)
    b. Bingo
    (Bingo Application)
    c. Bingo/Raffle Process

    Amended Bingo or Raffle Application

    New Jersey Legalized Games of Chance Control Comission

  • Request Alcoholic Beverage License information and apply for ABC transfers, renewals, new, one-day social affair permits and catering permits;
  • Apply for Limousine Licenses; Taxi Licenses
  • Request and file petitions for public sewer, water, sidewalks, etc.
  • Request and file petitions for those seeking the municipal offices of Mayor and City Council, as well as petitions for those seeking seats on the Cumberland County Executive Committee for the Democratic and Republican political parties.

Keith Petrosky, RMC
Municipal Clerk


Phone: (856) 794-4060
Fax: (856) 405-4611


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